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Adler Modemärkte AG Investor Relations

In this section, shareholders and potential investors will find all relevant information specifically focused on our company and the ADLER share.

The Adler Modemärkte AG, headquartered in Haibach near Aschaffenburg, Germany, is one of Germany‘s largest and most important textile retailers. In the most recent survey conducted by „TextilWirtschaft“, the industry‘s trade journal, ADLER ranked 22nd amongst the 100 largest German vendors in the market. Adler Modemärkte AG currently operates 183 stores in four countries, 156 of which in Germany, 22 in Austria, three in Luxembourg and two in Switzerland. The Company focuses on large-space concepts offering between approximately 1,000 sq m and 3,500 sq m of retail space. With its many own brands and selected external brands, ADLER offers a highly diverse product range. It also offers its customers the ease of shopping in its online shop from their PC or smartphone. ADLER has approximately a total of more than 4,000 employees.

The ADLER umbrella brand belongs to the best-known brands for the target group of over 45 year-olds. In surveys, awareness of the brand across all age groups was 70%; among women over 40, it was as high as 84%. ADLER is known for its affordable and high-quality products.

The brand symbolises trust and reliability. Clarity of arrangement and easy customer navigation are the hallmarks of the Company‘s stores. In addition to the brand‘s high level of awareness, ADLER‘s purchasing concept is underpinned particularly by customer loyalty. Ninety per cent of all revenue transactions are made with the customer loyalty card. Available since 1974, independent studies confirm that the card is one of the most effective customer loyalty instruments in its class.

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