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Executive Board

Thomas Freude

Strategy, Sales and Distribution, e-Commerce, Marketing, M&A, Expansion, Public Relations, Purchasing, Technical Purchasing


Karsten Odemann

Executive Board member / CFO
Executive Board member for Finance,
Controlling, Audits, Legal,
IT, Investor Relations,
Logistics, Human Resources


Supervisory Board

Members of the Supervisory Board 

Pursuant to the Company's Articles of Association, the Supervisory Board is composed of 12 members. Six of these members are elected by the Annual General Meeting and six are elected by the employees in accordance with the provisions of the German Co-determination Act of 1976 (Mitbestimmungsgesetz 1976, "MitbestG").
The current members of the Company's Supervisory Board are listed in the following overview.

Massimiliano Monti
  (Chairman of the Supervisory Board)

Members are elected for the period until the conclusion of the Annual General Meeting that resolves to ratify the actions of the Supervisory Board members for the fourth financial year following commencement of their term of office. The financial year in which the term of office commences is not included in calculating such period. Therefore, the tenure of office for all current members of the Supervisory Board will expire on conclusion of the Annual General Meeting in the year 2018.