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Adler Modemärkte AG is one of the leading textile retail chains in Germany. The industry magazine TextilWirtschaft ranks the Company 22nd in its Top 100 Ranking for 2016, maintaining the same position as in 2015. At the end of 2017, the Group operated a total of 182 stores (2016: 183), 155 (156) of which were in Germany, with a further 22 in Austria, three in Luxembourg and two in Switzerland as in the previous year. The Company also operates an online shop at www.adlermode.com.

In terms of fit, fashionability, functionality and quality, ADLER's product range is primarily tailored to the age group of over 55-year-olds, whose share of the population is set to grow by around 10% to 33 million over the next ten years. ADLER offers this target group high-quality products that represent attractive value for money in the lower mid-range price segment. 

The Group's own brands are ADLER's main revenue drivers. These represent approximately 75% of the Group's revenue and the majority of its earnings. ADLER also offers nationally and internationally recognised external brands for womenswear, menswear and kidswear at many of its stores.

The ADLER loyalty card is a key marketing tool. In financial year 2017, the loyalty card programme had some 3.4 million members and registered a total of approximately 92% of the Company's revenue. In addition to enhancing customer loyalty, the card also means that ADLER's knowledge of its customers is comparable to that of an online or mail-order retailer. The Company makes use of the enormous potential offered by the loyalty card data to accurately target the content, design and timing of its advertising and marketing measures.