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Equity Story & Risk

Realignment – development of unique selling propositions 

In 2011, the successful realignment of the Company led to the IPO with the clear target of financing further growth. In the course of realignment, the product portfolio was adjusted to suit the over-45 age group in terms of fit and fashion level. In view of demographic developments, this is a target group - and ADLER’s major customer potential – that will continue to expand. ADLER is the only supplier which has expressed a clear commitment to this target group and which orients its fashion stores, products and services to its needs. As a result, ADLER has developed a USP in the industry. At the same time, operational business has been prepared for profitable growth by improvement of cost structure, addition of external brands to its programme, time-tested marketing and sales action and optimisation of purchasing.

Growth strategy

By acquiring Kressner and hefa Moden in the first quarter of 2015, ADLER expanded its store network from 170 stores to 178.To date, the Group runs a total of 183 stores, 156 of which in Germany, 22 in Austria, 3 in Luxembourg and 2 in Switzerland. In Switzerland the potential for further growth expansion is evaluated.

In order to generate economies of scale and to strengthen its market position, ADLER intends to expand its network of stores organically as well as through acquisitions.

However, due to the challenging overall market environment, the short- and medium term focus is on consolidation and the optimisation of the working capital. Thus, only one store opening is scheduled for 2017.

On a long-term basis, the Company aims to open five to ten new stores each year. It seeks to leverage opportunities created by the decline in small mom-and-pop shops..

To complement its key sales channel – its stores – ADLER has successfully launched its online shop, which target the growing number of consumers who use their PCs or smartphones to shop online conveniently. In addition, sales growth is scheduled to be achieved by greater market penetration, a stronger focus on own brands and by boosting the attractiveness of the ADLER umbrella brand. For this purpose, prestigious brand ambassadors are already acting successfully for the Company.

Ongoing improvement measures

As part of a permanent improvement process, modernisation work is under way in existing stores to make them more attractive and customer-friendly. To win and keep customers who are new to the over 45-year old age group, the roll-in of external brands to the ADLER fashion stores is being continued. In the new visual merchandising programme, these external brands are placed in the entrance area of the fashion stores (new store front design). 

In addition, the share of own brands is being further boosted, as, for example, through the recent introduction of the eibsee sports label. In the field of purchasing, the proportion of direct buying from Asia is scheduled to be increased from the current 42% with the aim of achieving a further reduction in cost prices.