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Opportunity report

The ADLER Group is the only major vendor in the fashion industry consistently focused on the fashion needs of the target group of customers aged 45 and up. ADLER‘s market position is thus not only clearly established, the Company is also reaping the benefits of demographic changes in Germany and Europe: the target group – and with it, revenue potential – will experience considerable growth in the decades to come. This solid foundation will be further bolstered through the judicious expan- sion of the product range. ADLER will leverage its product range to appeal to potential new custo- mers, who will flow into the primary target group, thus lending additional momentum to the business. 

The Group‘s growth strategy also promises to yield opportunities. It calls for new store openings in regions which have previously not been highly developed, the roll-out of additional brand shop concepts and the modernisation of existing stores. Aside from generating organic growth, ADLER will also make smart acquisitions, provided they have the potential to sustainably increase the Com- pany‘s overall profitability. To complement its key sales channel – its stores – ADLER has successfully launched its online shop, which targets the growing number of consumers who use their PCs or smartphones to shop online conveniently. 

ADLER also leverages growth and expansion to create synergies and economies of scale while maintaining the option of leveraging increased profitability to enhance efficiency within the Company. Furthermore, ADLER has greater opportunities to increase its earnings by optimising its procurement processes and expanding its direct purchasing. 

In addition, ADLER anticipates improvements in inventory monitoring thanks to the introduction of RFID technology. This improvement will have a positive effect not only on revenue but also on earnings, as it will improve the gross profit margin. In addition, the new technology will enable the Company to replace its previous mechanical system of article surveillance with the built-in electro- nic article surveillance integrated into the RFID system.