The Textile Alliance, which was launched by German Development Minister Dr. Gerd Müller, now has more than 100 members and represents not only manufacturers specializing in sustainability but also the broad market for textiles and clothing. Among them is ADLER.

The alliance was founded on Oct. 16, 2014. The multi-stakeholder initiative, consisting of representatives from business, civil society, standards organizations and trade unions, will pool the strength and expertise of its members to achieve social, environmental and economic improvements along the textile supply chain.

In doing so, the Textile Alliance aims to solve common challenges more effectively, to use synergies in joint projects on the ground, to learn from each other and thus to improve framework conditions in the production countries.

ADLER Modemärkte Aktiengesellschaft, as one of the signatory organizations, or companies, is committed to actively and implementation-orientedly pursuing the goals outlined in the Action Plan of the Alliance for Sustainable Textiles.

The alliance members are aware that the action plan of the Alliance for Sustainable Textiles formulates ambitious goals that serve as a framework for action for the alliance partners. The action plan therefore takes into account the factual conditions of the textile value chain and is continuously adapted to the state of development in the implementation process.

You can find more information at  WWW.TEXTILBUENDNIS.COM